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On-line teaching as publishing

A day of discussion and hands-on thinking on the politics of infrastructure and tools with Constant (Martino Morandi and Femke Snelting)

In this one day workshop on 24 Aug (Monday), we would like to share resources and ideas that were developed and tested in the recent turn to on-line teaching, to try and provide detours from the default path of GAFAM-fueled 'solutions' put in place by most educational institutions.

In the on-line course Radio Implicancies we met the urgent need for such attempts with a trans*feminist take on the classic mantra of Free Software production: 'Release early, Release often'. Re-interpreted out of the context of agile software development, this means to engage with modes of ongoing publishing that foreground the sharing of resources, to experiment with collective forms of response-ability and to weave together technological and editorial processes.

Radio Implicancies was a 9-week 'special issue' commissioned by XPUB (experimental publishing) in Rotterdam. The course was organised this spring as a weekly broadcast of recorded and live matter in which participants where asked to engage with the way technologies are worlding the world. Using a mix of independent and self-built infrastructures, the on-line course turned into a platform for collective audio publications. During the workshop we will discuss and try out some of the methods and tools that were used.

The workshop will be relevant for those who are interested in on-line teaching, software studies, experimental publishing, collaborative editing, open source culture and beyond.

Martino Morandi is an independent researcher working in the liminal spaces between art and academia. His current practice consists in investigating the many ways of functioning of internetworked communication technology and sharing the methodologies and experiments developed.

Femke Snelting develops projects at the intersection of design, feminisms, and free software. In various constellations she explores how digital tools and practices might co-construct each other. She teaches at XPUB (experimental publishing master, Rotterdam) and a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies, Brussels).

They are both working with and for Constant, association for art and media based in Brussels. Since 1997, Constant generates performative publishing, curatorial processes, poetic software, experimental research and educational prototypes in local and international contexts.

note: We will use the open source conferencing tool Big Blue Button hosted by Constant, and if you are interested in the workshop, please send an email to wsoon@cc.au.dk for registration.