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About the Center

DARC investigates art, culture and technology.  We are interested in contemporary perspectives to software, data, and platforms especially as they unfold in art and experimental practices. From media archaeologies of computational culture to the most recent techniques of AI and data, how we read, write, see, visualize, hear, compose, create, and imagine are contextualised through the broad area of digital aesthetics.

We bring together researchers and practitioners at Aarhus University in order to form research projects, collaborations and international networks. We publish newspapers and a a journal, arrange yearly international PhD seminars, research seminars, and research conferences. We organize public exhibitions and events with digital media artists and researchers from around the world. Besides contributing analytically and theoretically to the field, DARC also engages in practical experiments in collaboration with artists, designers, and other practitioners. 

Our mission is to spark and support critical, creative, and fresh insights to digital culture.