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2021.05.22 | Conference

Art, Academics, and Beyond at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival: Platform (Post?) Pandemic

ELO 2021 launches next week with a variety of virtual talks, workshops, and arts performances from May 24th - May 28th, as well as several permanent online exhibitions.

2021.04.26 | Conference

COVID E-Lit - digital art from the pandemic

We are looking forward to launching the COVID E-Lit exhibition on Saturday, May 1, 2021 as part of the ELO 2021 Platform (Post?) Pandemic Arts program.

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About the Center

DARC brings together researchers at Aarhus University and functions as a shared intellectual resource that identifies, analyses, and mediates current topics, producing experiments and research projects.

We focus on bringing together researchers at Aarhus University, forming research projects, collaborations and international networks. We publish newspapers and a a journal, arrange yearly international PhD seminars, internal research seminars, larger research conferences, and organize public exhibitions and events with digital media artists and researchers from around the world. Besides contributing analytically and theoretically to the field, DARC also engages in practical experiments (often in collaboration with artists and practitioners).

Our aim is to provide new knowledge about the relationship between art, culture and technology.