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Living Surfaces: A New Book on Environmental Media Aesthetics

Professor and director of DARC Jussi Parikka has co-authored a new book called Living Surfaces: Images, Plants, and Environments of Media (MIT Press).

Written with artist and scholar Abelardo Gil-Fournier, the book is situated at the intersection of environmental humanities, media, and (digital) aesthetics in how it offers one history of plants and planetarity. Focusing on how media – from photographs to remote sensing – have framed environmental knowledge, it links to many of the current debates too.
The book also connects to the AUFF funded project Design and Aesthetics for Environmental Data.
More info about the book and a link also to the Open Access version at :

A new interview discussion with Parikka and Gil-Fournier can be listened online at  https://shows.acast.com/the-mater-podcast/episodes/images-data-with-abelardo-gil-fournier-jussi-parikka