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The Aesthetics of Interface Culture



Participants from DARC: Christian Ulrik Andersen, Lars Kiel Bertelsen, Morten Breinbjerg, Lone Koefoed Hansen, Henrik Kaare Nielsen, Søren Pold, Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jacob Wamberg.

The computer and its interface have long since penetrated a large number of cultural and artistic contexts – from digital entertainment industries to digital art forms and digital strategies for communications and design. Interface research nevertheless concentrates almost exclusively on functional working contexts. The Aesthetics of Interface Culture will instead focus on the cultural and aesthetic developments surrounding the interface. The developments call for a research dimension that is different from the predominant technical one – a dimension concerned with issues regarding content, and aesthetics and culture, and one that in collaboration with the existing technical research can develop up-to-date theories capable of conceptualising and addressing the increasingly important cultural and aesthetic role of the computer.


The Danish Research Agency, The Danish Research Council for the Humanities