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DARC welcomes researchers in digital aesthetics. For DARC to remain a thriving research centre it is a condition that members are based in Aarhus.

Associate members

DARC also welcomes associate members, usually researchers who have been previously engaged in the daily life of the research centre, visited the centre or taken part in the organization of the centre’s work.

For membership or associate membership, please contact: info [at] digital-aestetik.dk

Visiting researchers/Ph.D. students

In past years, DARC has had several researchers visiting for longer or shorter periods. As we believe in the free exchange of knowledge, DARC welcomes researchers at all levels within our field of research. Usually, we can make an office space available at the Department of Information and Media Studies. However, we cannot provide any financial support.

Please address any requests to either a personal contact within DARC or info [at] digital-aestetik.dk.

Job vacancies

DARC does not offer any vacancies as an organization. Aarhus University, however, recruit people to positions in research projects involving DARC or in other positions where affiliation to DARC is optional (e.g., at The Department of Information and Media Studies or at The Department of Aesthetic Studies).

Possible vacancies are posted at humaniora.au.dk/en/news/jobs/


Ph.D. students carry out a significant and important part of the research in DARC. DARC offers opportunities for Ph.D. students to take part in the regular activities of DARC, ranging from participation in research seminars, planning of conferences, seminars and events to participation in larger research projects and groups.

DARC welcomes Ph.D. applications within its field of research: for instance, studies of the use of technology and software in artistic practices; computer games/ludic approaches to technology and software; the business of digital aesthetics and cultural technology; digital music and acoustics. If in doubt whether a project fits the research agenda and practices of DARC, please consult this website for further information.

Affiliation to DARC during a Ph.D. track usually involves having a senior lecturer with affiliation to DARC as supervisor. This, however, is not compulsory.

DARC does not offer Ph.D. scholarships. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. scholarship at Aarhus University with affiliation to DARC are kindly requested to apply via Aarhus University’s Ph.D. program:


When applying, we recommend that the suggested Ph.D. project has a strong and well-communicated research agenda with a clear delineation of the field of study, argumentation for the relevance of the project (with reference to appropriate theory) as well as argumentation for the suggested approach/methodology. Furthermore, the applicant needs to have proven study skills. Ph.D. projects may be purely theoretical but may also contain practical experimentation; however, a strong argumentation for the relevance of this method to the project’s research agenda is necessary.