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About the center

Our commitment: Art in IT/IT in Art

Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (DARC) is committed to research the relationship of art and aesthetics to the culture and future development of information technology.

Digital art and aesthetical experiments in general (computer games, software art, network art, etc.) test new ways of using digital technology and are often at the forefront of technological development: for instance, what started as hacking of early computers in military research in the sixties later became computer games; experiments with artistic filters in image editing became software art and later applications for smart phones, etc..

Vice versa, information technologies provide new means for arts and aesthetics, exceeding the role of a mere tool: for instance, code becomes a musical instrument in live coding performances; the mashing up of existing expressions leads to new artistic cultures challenging existing power structures of copyright; social media lead to new arenas for interaction, etc..

Our function: Identify, analyse, mediate, experiment

DARC functions as a shared intellectual resource that identifies, analyses, and mediates current topics, producing experiments and research projects across the arts and technology sectors. We publish working papers and books, arrange internal research seminars to exchange knowledge and ideas, host larger research conferences and public events with digital media artists and researchers from around the world. Besides contributing analytically and theoretically to the field, DARC also engages in practical experiments (often in collaboration with artists) aiming at providing new knowledge about the relationship between art, culture and technology.

As a research institution, an important role of DARC is also to initiate, host and act as a partner in research projects. From 2004-2007 DARC hosted the research project ‘The Aesthetics of Interface Culture’, and from 2007-2011 DARC is a core member of the Center for Digital Urban Living.

Our merits

Since 2002 DARC has acted in a number of conferences and events, including:


Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (DARC) is an organisation for researchers from diverse departments and faculties investigating different aesthetic and cultural aspects of IT development. The centre was established in June 2002 and is based at The Department of Information and Media Studies in IT-Parken, Katrinebjerg at Aarhus University. DARC is financed by The Department of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University.

Our address

Digital Aesthetics Research Centre
IMV, Aarhus University
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Info [at] digital-aestetik.dk