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2018.03.01 | Event type

Open Forum: Computational Thinking and Programming Practice

Teaching to learn, Learning to Teach Open Forum

2018.03.01 | Event type

Lecture by Professor Nick Montfort from MIT

Starting Art & Inquiry from Code: Growing a Project Computationally

2016.12.02 | Research

Turn On Literature: A new EU-project involving the Poetry Machines

A new EU-project includes a further development, distribution and translation of the Poetry Machines. Two new partners join in – a library in Norway and a library in Romania.

About the Center

Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (DARC) is committed to research the relationship of art and aesthetics to the culture and future development of information technology.

Digital art and aesthetical experiments in general (computer games, software art, network art, etc.) test new ways of using digital technology and are often at the forefront of technological development: for instance, what started as hacking of early computers in military research in the sixties later became computer games; experiments with artistic filters in image editing became software art and later applications for smart phones, etc...